Fun Tips And Tricks To Try On FaceTime

Fun Tips And Tricks To Try On FaceTime

FaceTime is one of the most used online video chatting applications in the Apple phone. With this application, you can do video conferencing with your colleagues or friend. It was first launched in 2010 when Apple iPhone 4 launched, and now it is available for all versions of Apple iPhones. After that, they upgraded this app so that its users can connect it to Wi-Fi. As the Apple developed their iPhone models gradually, FaceTime is also updating their feature to make it more compatible with Apple.

There are many funny tricks that you can do with FaceTime on your phone. So, below I am going to compile a list of some interesting tricks that you should try on FaceTime.

Launch FaceTime on Apple TV:

Yes, you can start FaceTime on your Apple TV.  You can enjoy its feature also on TV. As it is an Apple application, you can run it on any Apple devices like iPads, MacBook, iPhone, TV. To avail this, you have to follow small steps-

Step1: You have to connect your Apple television and your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step2: In your iPhone swipe in the bottom of the screen to go in its control center. Then click on Airplay and then select the device to connect. As you are going to connect TV with FaceTime, so you need to choose Apple TV.

Step3: No click on mirroring. After that you can use your phone to communicate with your Apple TV and the video will be mirrored in your Apple TV.

Block any user:

If you want to block any unwanted calls or callers, then this trick ill help you. Follow the below steps to block any callers.

Step1: Open the FaceTime. In the home screen of it, you will find the list of all callers those who had called you.

Step2: Then click on the “i” button in the right of the screen.

Step3:  FaceTime will display all incoming and outgoing call history. Then click on Block option to block any callers.

Free international calls:

With FaceTime, you can make international calls for free. To avail this facility on your phone, you need to follow some simple steps that I am going to list below.

Step1: Launch the app and open its contact details.

Step2: You need to add a plus sign (+) if you are looking for an international call.

Step3: Connect your phone with Wi-Fi network and enjoy international calls from FaceTime for free.

Call from Flight:

When you are traveling on the flight, you might need to contact your home or friends. You can’t be able to make calls from the flight. But with FaceTime you can call from the flight. For that, you have to follow some minor steps.

Connect your headset with your phone. As flight offers Air Wi-Fi so you can call anybody when you are on thousand feet above from ground.

Keep a record of your FaceTime chat:

You can record every incoming and outgoing call on FaceTime. Just hold on Wake or Sleep button for a while and then a dialog box ill appear. Then start recording. When finished then hold and press the button again for few moments.

I think now you all understood the power and ability of FaceTime. There may be some tips and tricks on FaceTime PC, but here in this article, I have listed most exciting Funny tips and tricks that you can try on FaceTime. If you have discovered any other interesting tricks on FaceTime, then please let it me to know.